Unique...it's what we are

Other organizations with similar missions work hard within their spheres to address common issues affecting our youth, particularly boys. They provide similar services but the EEBC goes further because our approach is highly individualized and looks at the complete person, not just the problem.

Self-actualization, self-realization, along with learning to be dependable and accountable for one's actions are the bedrocks of the EEBC. We look at each individual's particular circumstances and work with the member to not only recognize his potential but to also reach it. From free counselling from a registered professional, to ongoing mentorship from successful men in our communities, to leadership seminars, to ongoing programs and even financial aid when needed, the EEBC saves one boy at a time. For those interested, our very kind and generous donors pay tuition for post secondary education and trades training even after the member has "aged out" of the EEBC. 

We are also blessed to have working with us, community members who are "champions" in their own right. From world renown boxers and martial artists, to award winning teachers and business people to self-made industrialists, we have the knowledge and connections to inspire our boys to move forward and to seize opportunities that our community is able to provide. But there's one other area that separates us from the rest...the performing arts.


The founder of the EEBC, James (Jim) Crescenzo has been working with theatre, movie and television productions for forty years and has established a relationship with that community that has enabled our boys to learn film-making, writing, technical applications, stagecraft and innumerable other skills. This has translated into a set of the best confidence builders anywhere as they learn real job skills, while growing mentally, ethically and academically. This whole aspect of the EEBC is highlighted every year after our summer camps when the organization puts on a gala evening of entertainment, all highlighting members' work. The affirmation of the hard work, dedication and time the boys put in over the summer brings them recognition that is positive, genuine and unquestionably, character-building. In short...a unique approach.