To Parents and Guardians:


The purpose of this form is to inform you about your child being invited to an East End Boys Club meeting and to seek your support and permission for your child to participate as a guest

This is an important document. Please review its contents carefully prior to providing permission for your child to participate in these excursions.


  • An online meeting using Zoom

  • Or an outdoor meeting which adheres to the provincial COVID safety guidelines


Members will be fully supervised at all times during meeting; however, they are expected to organize their own methods of travel to and from locations when applicable.

Educational Purpose of the Excursion:

These enrichment meetings are designed to be social and cultural experiences to enhance their social, emotional, and mental growth.



Supervision will be provided by one or more of our EEBC mentors and affiliated partners.


Cost of Trips:

Any applicable costs for these excursions will be covered by the East End Boys Club

Youth who participate in excursions are expected to follow and abide by the EEBC Code of Conduct


Parent/Guardian Permission:

While staff and mentors will take reasonable steps to prevent injuries to the youth, some degree of risk is inherent in the nature of these activities, and may occur with or without fault on the part of the youth, the EEBC, its staff or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place. By allowing your child to participate in these activities, you are agreeing that the activities described above are suitable for your child, and that there is a risk of injury associated with the activities.

I hearby grant permission for my child to participate in any of the meetings/excursions described above as long as they have been communicated to you the parent/guardian. I understand that my child may be exposed to a risk of injury due to accident while participating in these activities.