Changing lives through

mentorship, engagement and education

- EEBC Mission Statement

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Alfonso James Crescenzo (aka Jimmy, Jim, Mr. C.) started this organization with only a desire to help that kid in the corner, that kid sitting by himself in the cafeteria, that kid self-medicating to escape the insanity of his home or that kid so lost, that only a street gang could provide the family structure that was missing in his life. Initially, it was Jim, sitting in a semi-circle, conducting meetings, comforting distraught teens, but always emphasizing the need to be together, to be a community.


The East End Boys Club works with marginalized youth between the ages of 13 - 25. Our goal is to not only provide life-skills training but to also provide socio-emotional support, in school and post secondary guidance and the opportunities to pursue higher education in both academic and trades skills training. East End Boys Club members further learn from guest speakers, mentors and donors, who share their stories of adversity and resilience, and who help mentor our youth to become people of integrity.

"You just can't listen to people who give you a negative view of your dreams." Frank Guistra, Financier and Philanthropist


"If I'm walking down the street with my three boys behind me and I pick up a piece of paper on the ground then put it in the garbage, what do you think my boys will do?"

Luigi Aquilini, Father of Francesco Aquilini on leadership

About our Founder

Jimmy Crescenzo

After a 37 year career in education, Jimmy wanted to continue to serve the community he calls home. Every endeavour, every cause, must have a driving force, and in the East End Boys Club, that unstoppable, never-ending force is Jimmy Crescenzo. He is not only the Executive Director but personally takes on many other roles, from driver, to counsellor, to mentor, to leader of our community. His very unique hands-on approach ensures that our boys do not fall through the cracks. His firm commitment to seeing the boys succeed and complete a trades training program or post-secondary education are his genuine ambitions for the boys he serves.

 Jimmy's career has been recognized with numerous honours, including:


  • 2017 Community Builder Award, Motion Picture Production Industry Association

  • 2016 Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence

  • 2015 Peace Medallion, YMCA of Greater Vancouver.

  • 2015 Award for Faith and Community, City In Focus

  • 2014 Italian-Canadian Man of the Year

  • 2012 Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

  • 2001 Vancouver School Board Recognition of Outstanding Contribution